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Fine Art Photographer

The South’s leading photographer — as seen in Vogue, Martha Stewart Weddings and InStyle

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A sense of history and belonging

Families gather, intimate moments are shared, and the culmination of two people’s love is embodied in a day of celebration. My work is to capture it as it unfolds; to create images that tell a timeless story for years to come.


a vision of real connection

Making a life and home together is an honest and emotional experience. It is where the richest part of life is found. I want to capture the relationship people share in their normal lives; no pretending. Just true interactions and deep love. My work is to craft images that show the joy of life together.


early love IN BLOOM

There is a small window of time where two people are committed but not yet married—everything is suspended in joy. My work is to create space and images where couples feel comfortable to be who they are together.